Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Another transfer has gone by! Quickly, and yet, not so quickly....

I am staying in Ravenna Park for another transfer, but I have a new companion! Elder Griffiths. I have only known him for about 1 hour but I like him. He seems to have a great personality and sense of humor. I'm hopefully optimistic about what the future has in store for me, my companion, and this area.

Transfers are stressful. I really dislike them, but they happen no matter what!

Last week went by really quickly and some interesting things happened.

Miracles! On Thursday, we were walking back to the apartment for dinner when we were stopped by a  gentleman driving a car. He was a less active we had been in contact with back in November, that wanted his family to get re-involved in church. We lost contact with them for two months! No one could get them to answer their phones and their address was unknown. We were so excited that he found us! 
Unfortunately, our appointment fell through yesterday. Hopefully we can follow up and they don't disappear again.

Saturday was an extremely tiring day. In the morning, Elder Hillman and I helped the McKells move out of their apartment. I learned from Brother McKell's father that his daughter is now a teacher in Duchesne County School District and is married to Randall Evans from the DCSD technology apartment. Crazy small world!

After we helped the McKells move, it was our turn to move ourselves. We live in an apartment complex and the neighbors below us complained enough about us walking around in the morning, that our apartment manager asked if we could switch with them. Since we are missionaries, and we're charitable, we consented. :) Our neighbors are Brazilian, really nice, and helpful. We spent the rest of our Saturday cleaning, packing, moving, and cleaning some more! By the end of the day, we were both very tired.

The new apartment has its pros and cons though. Luckily, more pros than cons. Pros: 
  1. practically unlimited hot water, where as before we had almost none.
  2. The new apartment is on the ground level. No more stairs! 
  3. I'ts closer to the laundry room
  4. We have a new dishwasher
  5. the walls are beautiful shades of green, blue, and gray!
  6. WE HAVE CARPET! Carpet just makes everything feel so much better (especially during prayers)
  1. The floor above us does creak really loudly when the neighbors walk across it, but it's something I can live with.
I also heard rumor that iPads are coming to this mission before the end of March. Here's to hoping!

Nothing much else exciting happened this week! I'm ready for another week.

I love you all!

Elder Thacker

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