Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello from the MTC

Hello all! 

I hope I hope this email finds you well! Life here at the MTC is crazy busy but really awesome as well. Your days are so packed full of things that you only have time for the Spirit and sleep. 

They waste no time in getting to work here. After arriving on Wednesday I got my name tag, dropped my bags off and went straight to class where I met my companion: Elder Jennings. (He is really cool and really knowledgable of the scriptures. We are slowly learning to work together. He is also REALLY homesick. I feel bad cause know how that is but I haven't been homesick yet. For me, at least, there is no time to be homesick!)

After meeting our district and companions we went to meet the mission president. That was a really cool Experience. Then we went to dinner and then to zone orientation and then to bed!

My district is seriously the best one ever! We have some really cool people and we all get along really really well. Elder Jennings and I are in the district, there's Elder Tree, who's the new district leader and there's Elder Wooley, his companion. Elder Owens and Elder Andrews are the new zone leaders. I am the new online coordinator. Because I love technology our Branch President (President Mocher) thought that would be good for me. I think I'll love it. 

The hardest part about the MTC is not saying the word "guys". We have to remember to say Elders and Sisters to each other and it's really easy to forget. In fact one of the wives of the MTC presidency said that, "There are no guys here, only Elders and Sisters. All the guys are at home dating your girlfriends!" It was hilarious!

Our zone is really cool too. Everyone in my district and my zone is going to Seattle Washington. There are 14 of us. One of our teachers said Seattle must really need some help!

Classroom instruction is really cool, really powerful, and really fun. Our teachers are amazing! 

Everyone always says is, but the MTC is absolutely amazing! I've never done so much a growing in my life, especially spiritually!

I know I'm forgetting to tell you things, but this will probably just have to do for now. I'll let you know more next week.

I guess I should mention that today is P day. We have to do laundry, prepare tots, and we get to go to the temple! So I'm excited for that.

I'm also excited for choir. We practice on Sundays and Tuesdays before devotional so I'll probably get to sing for a General Authority! How cool will that be?

One more thing! Our District got iPad minis in the MTC! We are part of a new test group to help the MTC see if iPads in the MTC would be beneficial to everyone. So far, I absolutely love it! I created so many tags and notes and gospel library it's not even funny. My companion, is not so excited about the iPads. In fact, he acts a lot like dad when it comes to technology. :) He is against it. It is okay though! I vowed to have him using it by the time that we leave since our mission is an iPad mission as well. 


Myself and my companion: Elder Jennings. 


From Left to Right: Elder Anderson, Elder Owens, Elder Thacker, Elder Jennings, Elder Tree, and Elder Wooley. 

I hope I remember to include everything, if not, I will next week. I love you all very much! I'll talk to you soon!

Love always, Elder Thacker

Monday, October 20, 2014

Farewell Pictures

The farewell and dinner were a success and lots of fun as you can see here!

Tathan & Larissa

Tathan, Larissa, and Katelyn

Tathan & Becca

Tathan, McKayla, and Emily

Tathan and his cousins!

Tathan & Bailie

Tathan & Kelsey

Tathan & Ryli

Temple Trip