Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Poopy Week"

Well this week has been a VERY long one. For some reason the time has not gone by quickly at all.

One very exciting thing happened (and by exciting I mean interesting)! I got pooped on by a crow. That's right! You read that correctly. Just keep Reading!

Tuesday we had a zone conference at the mission office in Bellevue. Every zone in the mission set goals for the coming year. Seattle North Zone's baptismal goal is 188. The Mission's baptismal goal is 1,042. It was a very powerful and spiritual meeting.

Wednesday was the day that the dirty deed happened.

We were admiring a very elaborately colored woodpecker when it happened. The crow must have been very jealous. I felt something hit the crown of my head and instinctively reached up to brush- whatever was on my head- off. I thought perhaps it was a stick or leaf. It was not..... it was crow poop. SO we walked back to the apartment and I took a very hot shower! 

Thursday was just another day.

Friday we went on exchanges with our district leader and his companion. Elder Hillman went to Red Square with Elder Barney and I stayed in Ravenna and Elder Zhao (our chinese district leader) came with me! We tracted all day long. We taught a lot of other lessons but have no new investigators unfortunately. I LOVE Elder Zhao. I learned so much from him; how to be excited, love life, and exuberant.

Saturday we re-exchanged. Had lunch, and spent the day around our area recovering items that Elder Hillman had left places on exchange:)

Sunday was the same as usual except that our investigator didn't come to church for some unknown reason! The bishop and his wife fed us last night and the food was excellent! Very much home style cooking I've grown to love. The Every's are amazing people and so willing to help anyone.

The reason I am emailing later that usual today is because we had a mission walk around Green Lake in Woodland Park. The walk started at 10:30 AM and lasted an hour or so. Lovely weather and excellent company made for a great time.

I love you all! Go and share the gospel!

Elder Thacker

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