Monday, February 23, 2015


What a Week

This week seemed to fly by! A lot has happened and I hope I can remember everything.

Tuesday we had district meetings and appointments with a variety of potentials and such.

Wednesday was busy and we had to do a lot of rearranging our schedule (for the better though!). We decided one of our investigators, Eddy, needed a baptismal calendar to help him learn and read what is necessary before his baptism. It was somewhat of a struggle getting it to him but we finally accomplished the task. It has helped him remember to read his scriptures and pray so that is always good! That night we had Family History with a recent convert. The goal is to get her some names so she can finally go to the temple! 

Thursday was weekly planning and then we were prompted to go see the new investigator that missed the baptism last week. We weren't able to see him. Then we had a lesson with a very slowly progressing investigator. We helped her understand baptism better and why it is so important (unfortunately she did not show at church yesterday).

Friday we were able to see the investigator we tried to see on Thursday! We set up an appointment for another baptism happening on Saturday with a church tour after. He seemed willing and excited! We had lunch with some members (which was excellent!). I am really learning to enjoy ethnic foods. Indian is my favorite so far. Friday night we met with a recent convert and did some role-plays with her to sharpen her teaching skills and get her into the teaching/missionary mode! She enjoyed it and it really helped her. I guess I have a lesson to learn from that: role-plays are beneficial. (I really dislike them).

Saturday we did service for some members then we went and walked the investigator to the baptism (we weren't taking chances). He felt the Spirit and enjoyed what he saw and experienced. We invited him to church and he accepted! After that we had lunch and spent the rest of the evening at the church setting up for a Despicable-Me themed pizza and ice-cream ward party. Sister Walker even made minion cupcakes (picture attached). The party was fun and went well. We helped clean up after ward. Saturday night while we were planning we were prompted to change our plans. We had planned to attend the monthly member-missionary fireside in Redmond but felt we really needed to meet with Eddy instead, sooooo, we planned in faith.

Sunday flew by! Our investigator made it to church and he brought his less-active family too! After dinner we were walking to our appointment with Eddy when we received a phone call from the Zone Leaders asking us to go to Seattle Children's Hospital and give a blessing to a two-month old baby who was being brought on an ambulance from Yakima. We arrived at the hospital just a few minutes before the baby and were able to administer the blessing. If we would have planned to attend the fireside in Redmond instead, there would have been no missionaries in the Seattle North Zone that could have given that blessing. ALWAYS listen to the Spirit:) Then our night got even better. While we were contacting on the way home, we talked to a Haitian man who had always wanted to get baptized and practically put himself on-date for March 21. Miracles abound if you listen to the Spirit!

I love you all!

Elder Thacker

Thursday, February 19, 2015


As is self-evident in the Subject line, I got to go on exchanges on Tuesday night and Wednesday with........ Elder Jennings! Yes, the same Elder Jennings I was MTC companions with. We had a wonderful time! He is currently serving in the SYSA 1 Ward (pronounced see-saw and stand for Seattle Young Single Adults). His companion, Elder Robinson- our district leader- came to Ravenna Park. 

Elder Jennings and I spent the day at Shoreline Community College and, of course, University of Washington's "Red Square". We had a day full of miracles and plenty of "Other Lessons". I love Elder Griffiths but exchanges were a much needed break or breathe of fresh air.

Thursday was a really busy day as well! We were able to meet with a "investigator" (who is more interested in family history) and help her with family history! I'm blessed to enjoy family history and have experience as a consultant. The Lord finds ways to use our talents.

Saturday was slightly disappointing though. There was a baptism planned at 1:00 that we were bringing a new investigator to and we planned to give him a church tour afterward. He didn't show up so we walked to his house (near the church) and he was asleep (sister answered the door). She told us to try back another day. He didn't show up to church either.

If people understood their eternal salvation was on the line, maybe they would treat appointments with some more respect?

Yesterday we had a wonderful day, dinner, and then a lesson with our investigator Eddy. We helped him to realize his potential and see how important baptism is. We really focused on "teaching people, not lessons" and tried to resolve his concerns. It went well and he upped his baptism date to February 28

I love you all! Have a fantastic week. 

Elder Thacker

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Well, a lot of interesting things have happened this week! I lost my voice, we have a few new investigators, we found fungus living in our apartment, and it has rained for about 5 days straight!

Lets start at the beginning shall we? This week has been really busy. We have talked to a lot of people, knocked on a lot of doors, and attempted to find addresses that don't exist! Fun things.

I also had the opportunity to help give blessings at Seattle Children's Hospital. What wonderful experiences and sweet spirits children are. The hospital is top notch as well! 

Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Choi. It was really nice to talk with them and to receive some really excellent training from President and Sister Miller. Then on Thursday evening we went tracting and found a new investigator. Not extremely solid and has lived  alone a little too long but nice enough. Unfortunately did not come to church yesterday. 

Friday was the same. Busy, busy. We also found a new investigator! A man from Mobile, Alabama who just "can't do it without Jesus. Ain't nobody can." Amen brother. Amen.
Friday evening I also received a phone call from one of the members of the bishopric. I knew exactly what was coming too. He asked if I could speak on Sunday. I obliged. 

Saturday Morning I woke up and had a hard time talking. I thought it to be odd but just did my thing all day.

Sunday morning I woke up and had an extremely soft, gravelly voice. There was no way I was talking in church so I (figuratively) handed the reins to my companion and asked him to talk. He agreed and then ended up not having time! It was a very fun day whispering to everyone I talked to. Everyone thought I was just being extremely reverent. Priceless.

Also, some time during the week we noticed we had these mushroom looking fungi things growing along the balcony door where the carpet is endlessly wet. I took pictures before we disposed of them but they have since grown back quite rapidly. Concerning? No, you don't want to worry about that!

Another week has come and gone. I love you all very much and am extremely grateful for the thoughts and prayers in my behalf!

Elder Thacker

Monday, February 2, 2015

Look! I found the Roosevelt Vision clinic!

The Seahawks Lost.....

What a day it was yesterday. Let me  tell you, being on a mission during the Superbowl is WEIRD. Not only that, we had to go tracting during the superbowl. People thought we had lost our minds. Or they just didn't have time to talk to us  because, "Sorry boys, the games on. No time to talk now!" I have never seen two missionaries walk so slowly between house to house... (shh don't tell).  It was a really interesting night. We  could literally hear and feel the city gasp or cheer each time a play was made. There is really no way to describe it!

Then we had a dinner with Yakima Native Americans. Very neat and cool experience. It was a glorious Sunday!

Enough about yesterday, now back to the rest of the week.

One exciting thing happened this week. Elder Griffiths and I were walking past a potential's house that Elder Hillman and I had tried for two transfers to get in contact with (but never could), when Elder Griffiths was prompted to knock on her door. We did and found Wendy exiting her house just as we were knocking. She had been having a rough day and was excited to hear about the gospel. We set up a church tour with her and she accepted a (soft) baptismal date of February 14! What a day that was.

Other than that exciting news, I'm just learning to adjust to a new companion, working hard, finding a lot, and of course, walking a lot!

We have a busy week ahead. I love you all!

Elder Thacker

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The mess of moving.

Nice and reorganized! And now we have green walls!


Another transfer has gone by! Quickly, and yet, not so quickly....

I am staying in Ravenna Park for another transfer, but I have a new companion! Elder Griffiths. I have only known him for about 1 hour but I like him. He seems to have a great personality and sense of humor. I'm hopefully optimistic about what the future has in store for me, my companion, and this area.

Transfers are stressful. I really dislike them, but they happen no matter what!

Last week went by really quickly and some interesting things happened.

Miracles! On Thursday, we were walking back to the apartment for dinner when we were stopped by a  gentleman driving a car. He was a less active we had been in contact with back in November, that wanted his family to get re-involved in church. We lost contact with them for two months! No one could get them to answer their phones and their address was unknown. We were so excited that he found us! 
Unfortunately, our appointment fell through yesterday. Hopefully we can follow up and they don't disappear again.

Saturday was an extremely tiring day. In the morning, Elder Hillman and I helped the McKells move out of their apartment. I learned from Brother McKell's father that his daughter is now a teacher in Duchesne County School District and is married to Randall Evans from the DCSD technology apartment. Crazy small world!

After we helped the McKells move, it was our turn to move ourselves. We live in an apartment complex and the neighbors below us complained enough about us walking around in the morning, that our apartment manager asked if we could switch with them. Since we are missionaries, and we're charitable, we consented. :) Our neighbors are Brazilian, really nice, and helpful. We spent the rest of our Saturday cleaning, packing, moving, and cleaning some more! By the end of the day, we were both very tired.

The new apartment has its pros and cons though. Luckily, more pros than cons. Pros: 
  1. practically unlimited hot water, where as before we had almost none.
  2. The new apartment is on the ground level. No more stairs! 
  3. I'ts closer to the laundry room
  4. We have a new dishwasher
  5. the walls are beautiful shades of green, blue, and gray!
  6. WE HAVE CARPET! Carpet just makes everything feel so much better (especially during prayers)
  1. The floor above us does creak really loudly when the neighbors walk across it, but it's something I can live with.
I also heard rumor that iPads are coming to this mission before the end of March. Here's to hoping!

Nothing much else exciting happened this week! I'm ready for another week.

I love you all!

Elder Thacker

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Service for Brother Leitch

It rained. A lot!

Quick week

This week seemed to fly by! 

On Tuesday we had district meetings. Elder Zhao did a great job. Then we were finally able to meet with Nick! He has been out of town and told us he needed some space so we haven't seen him in over a month. He is a tricky investigator. He is progressing, just very slowly... Enough not to drop him. Then Elder Hillman and I spent the rest of the day at the dentist getting his tooth fixed. He broke a cusp on his tooth somehow and had to visit the dentist to get a consultation and a cleaning. I'm sure we'll be going back soon enough!

Wednesday we got to do service! And (I would say most importantly but of course, service for others is more important) I got to wear normal clothing! Hooray for jeans! We spent a lot of time putting away Christmas decorations and breaking branches off of a tree. It was my job to break the branches so that they fit in the, get this, food and yard trash bin! This concept is so crazy to me! I can barely wrap my head around the concept of recycling but not having a burn pile that you stick tree branches in is CRAZY to me! That's the difference between Altamont and Seattle. Correction. One of the many differences.

Thursday was weekly planning and contacting and setting up appointments for the rest of our week.

Friday was pretty much the same! Nothing much exciting happened this week. Especially in comparison to the bird pooping on my head.

Saturday was fun though! It rained practically all day. We had an awesome member lunch and then met with another slowly progressing investigator. It was a good meeting though!

The Zone Leaders stopped by Saturday night and talked with us about how we are doing and etc. Then we went on mini exchanges and I went contacting with Elder Smith down by 55th and we met some very interesting people! I scared on poor kid to death when I tried to talk to him, he took off running! We talked to a couple of intoxicated individuals and a guy wearing a kilt! I love people so much!

The entire time we were contacting it was raining. We can't exactly contact people wearing our hoods or it looks really suspicious so we usually take them off. It was raining enough that we just gave up putting them back on. We were so wet!

Sunday was alright but there was no one at church and anyone who was at church was too distracted because the Seahawks were playing. It was crazy! And unfortunately, they won.... Oh well!

I love you all!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Poopy Week"

Well this week has been a VERY long one. For some reason the time has not gone by quickly at all.

One very exciting thing happened (and by exciting I mean interesting)! I got pooped on by a crow. That's right! You read that correctly. Just keep Reading!

Tuesday we had a zone conference at the mission office in Bellevue. Every zone in the mission set goals for the coming year. Seattle North Zone's baptismal goal is 188. The Mission's baptismal goal is 1,042. It was a very powerful and spiritual meeting.

Wednesday was the day that the dirty deed happened.

We were admiring a very elaborately colored woodpecker when it happened. The crow must have been very jealous. I felt something hit the crown of my head and instinctively reached up to brush- whatever was on my head- off. I thought perhaps it was a stick or leaf. It was not..... it was crow poop. SO we walked back to the apartment and I took a very hot shower! 

Thursday was just another day.

Friday we went on exchanges with our district leader and his companion. Elder Hillman went to Red Square with Elder Barney and I stayed in Ravenna and Elder Zhao (our chinese district leader) came with me! We tracted all day long. We taught a lot of other lessons but have no new investigators unfortunately. I LOVE Elder Zhao. I learned so much from him; how to be excited, love life, and exuberant.

Saturday we re-exchanged. Had lunch, and spent the day around our area recovering items that Elder Hillman had left places on exchange:)

Sunday was the same as usual except that our investigator didn't come to church for some unknown reason! The bishop and his wife fed us last night and the food was excellent! Very much home style cooking I've grown to love. The Every's are amazing people and so willing to help anyone.

The reason I am emailing later that usual today is because we had a mission walk around Green Lake in Woodland Park. The walk started at 10:30 AM and lasted an hour or so. Lovely weather and excellent company made for a great time.

I love you all! Go and share the gospel!

Elder Thacker

Monday, January 5, 2015


Elder Hillman told his family and friends not to send any presents this Christmas since he is  going home at the beginning of March. This is me with all of my presents.... and him with his tree!

On December 23 it rained all day and it was the hardest I've seen it rain here. My planner got a little bit wet as you can see.

Fremont Troll

New Year's Week

I can't believe that it is already 2015! It seems like yesterday I was setting new goals and resolutions for 2014. I sincerely hope that 2015 flies by just as quickly!

This week has been fun and a little slow though.

Monday a member took us to lunch after we emailed. We had Korean food and...... it was alright. Definitely not my favorite! I ate squid though. Very interesting. 

On Tuesday we had a surprise "Special Zone Training". It was a much needed training and discussion for everyone in our zone. The mission seems to really be struggling lately and we were all able to learn from the training.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent tracting and contacting potentials. We found a new investigator while tracting. We have a lesson set up with him tomorrow. Hopefully it goes through.
Nothing else exciting happened on New Year's Eve. We had to be in the apartment by 6 PM on New Year's Eve and apparently atmidnight the city set off fireworks! I never even heard them! Elder Hillman said they woke him up rather promptly. I have discovered that I am a much deeper sleeper than I previously thought. Missionary work is tiring stuff!

On New Year's Day we had dinner with the Binks! A nice couple from Utah. And yes, they are related to coach Binks from Union! Small world after all!

Friday I had my first "bad" experience as a missionary. We passed a lady on the street and kindly wished her a Happy New Year. She glared at us and told us to "keep it to ourselves!" And kept walking. It truly was a minor experience but it left me somewhat shaken. I just couldn't believe that people would act that way to anyone! But that's just my naive small-town, home-grown kid coming out.

Saturday was really fun! We were able to help the stake young men and young women with a service project. The stake rents a chipper and trucks to haul trees in. They drive around and pick up Christmas trees people are trying to get rid of. The people send a donation in the mail or hand it to us as we pick up the trees. The trees are then chipped and used as plant food, bedding, and pathway linings for the park in the Thornton Creek area. A genious idea!

After the service project we changed and headed to a lesson with another new investigator, Eddy. Eddy's wife and kids are members but he isn't. They have a goal to get married in the temple next year! They are from Nicaragua but speak fluent english. I REALLY wish that I spoke Spanish! It would be so useful!

Nothing much exciting happened yesterday either! Just another week! 

I love you all!

Elder Thacker

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Week

Hello Again!

I survived Christmas:) And what a wonderful Christmas it was.

The rest of the week pales in comparison so I will mainly focus on Christmas and what happened after.

Christmas Eve Elder Hillman and I were able to have dinner with President Biehl (1st counselor in the Stake Presidency) and his family. We then returned to our apartment and did weekly planning. At about 9:00 PM the zone leaders arrived at our apartment with 5 packages for me! I cheated and opened them on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day but only because I knew Christmas day would be kind of crazy.

Christmas day started like any other day in the mission: Excercise, breakfast, and then studies. At 11:00 AM Bishop Every came and picked us up so we could have brunch at his house. It was a lovely brunch after which we opened presents bishop and his wife got us. I received a very nice tie and a box of my favorite cereal (Frosted Mini-Wheats) with a gift card to Safeway on it! Missionaries love free groceries:) Then we got to Skype home!!! It was fantastic to see how well everyone is doing.

After Skype we drove with the Washington Park Elders to see the "Fremont Troll". It is this giant cement troll under the (I presume) Fremont bridge. Very interesting. The rest of our day was spent mostly relaxing because it was technically P-Day (Which I dislike very much but I am trying to be positive about mission rules:)

Friday was a normal day but Elder Hillman felt ill most of the day. 

Saturday morning I awoke to find a very ill Elder Hillman in the bathroom. He had been "sick" all night long and I never even heard him. Needless to say, we spent all day Saturday in the apartment. I read and slept and cleaned (and sanitized EVERYTHING) and wrote letters and journaled some. I also made Elder Hillman some tea that members brought over to help him feel better. He informed me that my wife will love me very much someday. I'm very ok with that!

Yesterday Elder Hillman was feeling up to it so, we went to church! Then, last night, was the monthly member missionary fireside. It was at the Seattle Stake Center in Burien. All of the missionaries were part of a choir and we sang "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night". Very powerful and spiritual songs!

The work keeps progressing. I love you all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Love always,

Elder Thacker

Christmas Day!

We were able to visit with Elder Thacker on Christmas Day.  It was wonderful to see and hear what he had to say.  Great Christmas present!