Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quick week

This week seemed to fly by! 

On Tuesday we had district meetings. Elder Zhao did a great job. Then we were finally able to meet with Nick! He has been out of town and told us he needed some space so we haven't seen him in over a month. He is a tricky investigator. He is progressing, just very slowly... Enough not to drop him. Then Elder Hillman and I spent the rest of the day at the dentist getting his tooth fixed. He broke a cusp on his tooth somehow and had to visit the dentist to get a consultation and a cleaning. I'm sure we'll be going back soon enough!

Wednesday we got to do service! And (I would say most importantly but of course, service for others is more important) I got to wear normal clothing! Hooray for jeans! We spent a lot of time putting away Christmas decorations and breaking branches off of a tree. It was my job to break the branches so that they fit in the, get this, food and yard trash bin! This concept is so crazy to me! I can barely wrap my head around the concept of recycling but not having a burn pile that you stick tree branches in is CRAZY to me! That's the difference between Altamont and Seattle. Correction. One of the many differences.

Thursday was weekly planning and contacting and setting up appointments for the rest of our week.

Friday was pretty much the same! Nothing much exciting happened this week. Especially in comparison to the bird pooping on my head.

Saturday was fun though! It rained practically all day. We had an awesome member lunch and then met with another slowly progressing investigator. It was a good meeting though!

The Zone Leaders stopped by Saturday night and talked with us about how we are doing and etc. Then we went on mini exchanges and I went contacting with Elder Smith down by 55th and we met some very interesting people! I scared on poor kid to death when I tried to talk to him, he took off running! We talked to a couple of intoxicated individuals and a guy wearing a kilt! I love people so much!

The entire time we were contacting it was raining. We can't exactly contact people wearing our hoods or it looks really suspicious so we usually take them off. It was raining enough that we just gave up putting them back on. We were so wet!

Sunday was alright but there was no one at church and anyone who was at church was too distracted because the Seahawks were playing. It was crazy! And unfortunately, they won.... Oh well!

I love you all!

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