Monday, February 23, 2015

What a Week

This week seemed to fly by! A lot has happened and I hope I can remember everything.

Tuesday we had district meetings and appointments with a variety of potentials and such.

Wednesday was busy and we had to do a lot of rearranging our schedule (for the better though!). We decided one of our investigators, Eddy, needed a baptismal calendar to help him learn and read what is necessary before his baptism. It was somewhat of a struggle getting it to him but we finally accomplished the task. It has helped him remember to read his scriptures and pray so that is always good! That night we had Family History with a recent convert. The goal is to get her some names so she can finally go to the temple! 

Thursday was weekly planning and then we were prompted to go see the new investigator that missed the baptism last week. We weren't able to see him. Then we had a lesson with a very slowly progressing investigator. We helped her understand baptism better and why it is so important (unfortunately she did not show at church yesterday).

Friday we were able to see the investigator we tried to see on Thursday! We set up an appointment for another baptism happening on Saturday with a church tour after. He seemed willing and excited! We had lunch with some members (which was excellent!). I am really learning to enjoy ethnic foods. Indian is my favorite so far. Friday night we met with a recent convert and did some role-plays with her to sharpen her teaching skills and get her into the teaching/missionary mode! She enjoyed it and it really helped her. I guess I have a lesson to learn from that: role-plays are beneficial. (I really dislike them).

Saturday we did service for some members then we went and walked the investigator to the baptism (we weren't taking chances). He felt the Spirit and enjoyed what he saw and experienced. We invited him to church and he accepted! After that we had lunch and spent the rest of the evening at the church setting up for a Despicable-Me themed pizza and ice-cream ward party. Sister Walker even made minion cupcakes (picture attached). The party was fun and went well. We helped clean up after ward. Saturday night while we were planning we were prompted to change our plans. We had planned to attend the monthly member-missionary fireside in Redmond but felt we really needed to meet with Eddy instead, sooooo, we planned in faith.

Sunday flew by! Our investigator made it to church and he brought his less-active family too! After dinner we were walking to our appointment with Eddy when we received a phone call from the Zone Leaders asking us to go to Seattle Children's Hospital and give a blessing to a two-month old baby who was being brought on an ambulance from Yakima. We arrived at the hospital just a few minutes before the baby and were able to administer the blessing. If we would have planned to attend the fireside in Redmond instead, there would have been no missionaries in the Seattle North Zone that could have given that blessing. ALWAYS listen to the Spirit:) Then our night got even better. While we were contacting on the way home, we talked to a Haitian man who had always wanted to get baptized and practically put himself on-date for March 21. Miracles abound if you listen to the Spirit!

I love you all!

Elder Thacker

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