Thursday, February 19, 2015


As is self-evident in the Subject line, I got to go on exchanges on Tuesday night and Wednesday with........ Elder Jennings! Yes, the same Elder Jennings I was MTC companions with. We had a wonderful time! He is currently serving in the SYSA 1 Ward (pronounced see-saw and stand for Seattle Young Single Adults). His companion, Elder Robinson- our district leader- came to Ravenna Park. 

Elder Jennings and I spent the day at Shoreline Community College and, of course, University of Washington's "Red Square". We had a day full of miracles and plenty of "Other Lessons". I love Elder Griffiths but exchanges were a much needed break or breathe of fresh air.

Thursday was a really busy day as well! We were able to meet with a "investigator" (who is more interested in family history) and help her with family history! I'm blessed to enjoy family history and have experience as a consultant. The Lord finds ways to use our talents.

Saturday was slightly disappointing though. There was a baptism planned at 1:00 that we were bringing a new investigator to and we planned to give him a church tour afterward. He didn't show up so we walked to his house (near the church) and he was asleep (sister answered the door). She told us to try back another day. He didn't show up to church either.

If people understood their eternal salvation was on the line, maybe they would treat appointments with some more respect?

Yesterday we had a wonderful day, dinner, and then a lesson with our investigator Eddy. We helped him to realize his potential and see how important baptism is. We really focused on "teaching people, not lessons" and tried to resolve his concerns. It went well and he upped his baptism date to February 28

I love you all! Have a fantastic week. 

Elder Thacker

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