Monday, February 2, 2015

The Seahawks Lost.....

What a day it was yesterday. Let me  tell you, being on a mission during the Superbowl is WEIRD. Not only that, we had to go tracting during the superbowl. People thought we had lost our minds. Or they just didn't have time to talk to us  because, "Sorry boys, the games on. No time to talk now!" I have never seen two missionaries walk so slowly between house to house... (shh don't tell).  It was a really interesting night. We  could literally hear and feel the city gasp or cheer each time a play was made. There is really no way to describe it!

Then we had a dinner with Yakima Native Americans. Very neat and cool experience. It was a glorious Sunday!

Enough about yesterday, now back to the rest of the week.

One exciting thing happened this week. Elder Griffiths and I were walking past a potential's house that Elder Hillman and I had tried for two transfers to get in contact with (but never could), when Elder Griffiths was prompted to knock on her door. We did and found Wendy exiting her house just as we were knocking. She had been having a rough day and was excited to hear about the gospel. We set up a church tour with her and she accepted a (soft) baptismal date of February 14! What a day that was.

Other than that exciting news, I'm just learning to adjust to a new companion, working hard, finding a lot, and of course, walking a lot!

We have a busy week ahead. I love you all!

Elder Thacker

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