Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014 Seattle Week 4

I can't believe a week has passed already! It seems just like yesterday I was sitting at the computers typing last weeks email.

After I emailed last week we had "Zone Sports Day". Our zone is allowed to get together once a transfer and play sports. We had a blast! Our zone is awesome.

Tuesday we had a district meeting in the Morning. Elder Hillman is the District Leader and so the morning was spent getting ready for that. We had lunch, then did some online training a the library and then went tracting. I really enjoy tracting and contacting. People are HILARIOUS and very unique. It's the teaching I struggle with.

Wednesday was filled with appointments and contacting. I got to meet our investigator's dog Bindi. She LOVES carrots and eats them just like treats. What an odd dog. We are having a hard time with this investigator. He is progressing but OH SO SLOWLY!

Thursday was weekly planning (which takes up most of the day) and then we met with the Roy family (who is awesome!) and exchanged with Elder McBeth and Eler Ford. Both Elder McBeth and Elder Ford serve in the YSA ward so they live on the Ave and almost all of their time is spent at the institute and on Red Square. Red Square is on the campus of the University of Washington and is exactly what the name suggests. It is where all of the students walk, study, and socialize between classes. No one there is very open to religion but I loved contacting people and hearing their excuses no to talk to the missionaries. MyFriday was spent there. I was slightly apprehensive about exchanges at first but I had a blast! Elder Ford is awesome and I learned a lot from him.

Saturday and Sunday flew by with dinner appointments and contacting. We met a family last night who has been inactive since there son was born 7 years ago. They want to start coming back to church and retake the missionary discussions as a refresher. How exciting!

Nam is still on date for December 6 so hopefully I will have a baptism then. 

Until next time!

Love always,
Elder Thacker

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