Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014 Seattle Week 3

Hello once again! 

Seattle is still great. People are crazy though! I love it.

We have a baptism set for December 6! He is a little 8-year old who loves the gospel and is super knowledgeable. We went to teach him the Plan of Salvation and his sister and him practically taught us the lesson. It will be good. He just has to keep coming to church!

The couple who fed us last Monday are from Lyman, Wyoming and she has relatives in Duchesne! (Hailey Allred is one of them) What a small world it is.

This week has been crazy busy with meetings

-Monday was P-Day
-Tuesday was New missionary orientation at the mission home on Mercer Island. That was fantastic!
-Wednesday we had a Zone Meeting/Conference. Everyone in our Zone is in our Stake. Kind of cool. I love our zone. They are all really awesome.
-Thursday was weekly planning AND apartment inspection so we didn't leave the apartment until like 2:00 that afternoon.
-Friday our zone had interviews with President and Sister Choi at the stake center.
-Saturday night was the first session of Stake Conference
-Sunday was Stake Conference and then that night was the Member/Missionary Fireside that the mission puts on every month. That was excellent. They had a lot of new converts bear their testimonies. AWESOME!

When we weren't in meetings this week we were studying, planning, teaching and tracting.
On Saturday something exciting happened though. 

The stake center is in our area and 3 investigators live near it. We were in the area when the zone leaders called us and asked us to get to the stake center ASAP. They had a baptism planned that day. We got to the church and the zone leaders were carting water from the kitchen to the baptismal font in big pots on a cart. We quickly found out that the cold water was frozen coming into the building (due to unusual weather) so the font was filling with warm water, just half as fast as it normally does. I wish I had pictures to show you! SO we dove right in and helped and as soon as the font was full enough, we left the zone leaders to their baptism and we went off to another investigators house. Just another day in the life of a missionary!

I hope all is well at home!


Elder Thacker

(Also, I'm in a walking/bus mission. We have bus passes but mostly we walk. Our area is big to walk but too small for a car or bikes.)

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