Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Seattle Week 5

What a week!

After P-Day on Monday we had a busy week ahead!

Tuesday we had a Zone Conference with Elder Falabella of the Quorum of the 70 in Seattle. That was really good and I got to see my old district members from the MTC. Elder Falabella had a lot of great insights for us.

On Wednesday we had a "normal day" full of appointments and tracting. 

Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving! We went over to the Furness families house. They are very cool people. They also had their family over. Everyone was super nice and friendly. The food  was great, just not quite as good as back home ;) We did a lot while we were at their house. We ate a lot, played with virtual reality (unknown if that is actually allowed or not.....) and even colored (but that requires a back story)! 

Brother Furness is an electrical engineer and a professor. Back in the day he worked as a civilian for the military. He was the head of the team that created information/visor displays for fighter jet pilots. He is really big into virtual reality. Since he doesn't work for the military now and just teaches, he has a team that creates applications. One of the applications his team created is called "colAR". Very cool, and free! Look it up. 

What is does is this: The app gives you pictures to print out and color the way you want. The app then sees that picture and turns it into a 3D image that moves and dances to music etc. For example, I colored a hot air balloon. It turned my 2D image into a 3D image, with the colors I put on it, floating above various landscapes. Way cool!

Friday was weekly planning! I just love weekly planning. After planning we went and taught Nam (the investigator that is getting baptized Saturday) and then went tracting.

Saturday was slow. And COLD!! We woke up to SNOW! Snow in Seattle was supposed to be rare but it is still on the ground!. A lot of tracting. A lot of walking. But it is also the day we meet with the Teeples family every week. They are a very cool, insightful, and spiritual couple. They take us to lunch every week. I love meeting with them.

Sunday, of course, was church and the works! Still cold, and still snow on the ground! We had our member dinner that night, and then went tracting. The work never stops!

As for not emailing yesterday I apologize. I found out after last P-Day that for the next three weeks, P-Day would beon Tuesday. Next week on Tuesday I get to go to the temple! I'm very excited to be back in the temple! That is my favorite place and I am continually learning more about it. Emailing is required so you will hear from me next week. Just not sure as to when.

Love always, 

Elder Thacker

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