Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seatlle Week 6

Hello again!

This week seemed to drag on but also go by very quickly!

After we spoke last Tuesday we have done a lot of tracting and finding with little to no success. Other than what I mention, that's all we have done this past week!

Wednesday we had district meeting and then met with Nam and his family in preparation for his baptism that happened on Saturday!

Thursday was weekly planning and my usual training that always takes up all of our morning. That night, we had a very special meeting with a recent convert who is very solid. To him, if it says it in the scriptures, it is law! I love his faith!

Friday we met with Nam and his family once more in preparation for his baptism and then tracted! 

Then came the weekend! Two very busy and very crazy days. 

On Saturday I got to do service all morning which meant that I could wear normal clothing! It was fantastic to put on a pair of jeans. We helped bishop string Christmas lights at his house and then went to the church to start filling the font. The cold water still hasn't been fixed so it takes about 3 hours to fill. While we were waiting and supervising the filling font, we helped set up for the ward Christmas party which was happening later that night.

The baptism went off without a hitch (other than it started about 15 minutes late due to mormon standard time and I had to play the piano because, well, I'm honestly not sure what happened to the other accompanist). I taught the restoration during the intermission with Elder Ford and it went fantastically!

Then we finished setting up for the Christmas party and after it was over, we helped take it down as well! We were two very tired elders when we arrived home that night.

Sunday was spent finding rides for convert children because their parents were all sick or working. I also had the privelage to confirm Nam a member of the church and give him the Holy Ghost. A first for me and a very tender experience. 

I also really enjoyed the Christmas Devotional! I thought the talks were excellent and, as always, I LOVED the music.

Monday was useless. I hate to say that, but truly it was. There is a reason P-Day is usually on Mondays. No one is home! Like, no one! We had no success. 

But to make it all worth it I was able to attend the Seattle Temple today! It is a gorgeous temple both inside and out (for you Makelle). After a wonderful session at the temple we went to Pike's Place market with the Washington Park Elders [Wooley (MTC District) and Hansen]. That was also fun. What a view!

The work keeps progressing! Carry on and share the gospel!

Love always,

Elder Thacker

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